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The client:


A commercial lighting agency based in Seattle, WA.

The Challenge:

ERW is a fantastic lighting manufacturer rep with no internal marketing department, who initially needed support with website and line card design. ERW then decided to continue working with Colibrily concentrating on brand awareness in order to stand out from the fierce competition in their target market.

The Approach:

The commercial lighting industry is a complex space with multiple buyer groups whose motivations vary from one group to another. The goal was therefore to showcase ERW’s ethos and value proposition while differentiating the narrative, content, and imagery based on the different stakeholder groups. Considering that ERW’s core differentiators include honesty, dedication, high-level expertise, and approachability, we decided to encourage their team to create original content including product recommendations, pictures from site visits, educational videos, and more. This was beneficial not only for brand awareness but also for overall client engagement.

ERW is an excellent example of digital-trend leveraging and strategy tailoring being essential, as the extra time we spent testing and calibrating different strategies for them is now paying off in higher customer engagement and increased recognizability.


  • Competitor analysis
  • Digital marketing strategy
  • Strategy execution
  • Website design, development, and maintenance
  • Email marketing
  • Social media management
  • Design of marketing materials (invites, leaflets, cards, customer surveys)
  • Content creation training + support

Big Wins:

  • New website design and launch which resulted in significant monthly savings.
  • In social media ranking including its competitors, ERW jumped from fifth to second position in the number of followers and audience engagement.
  • ERW’s offline events (which rock) are now attended better than ever.
  • Potential clients are starting to request product-related information via social media, which allows for overlap between marketing and direct sales.
  • Marketing content is used by the leadership to attract new manufacturers and clients.
  • Developed and implemented a best-in-class digital marketing strategy.
  • Ideated and developed custom video marketing campaigns and deliverables.

The Results:

Manufacturer relationships

  • Creative product marketing efforts have inspired manufacturer loyalty and are being used as a selling point for new manufacturer recruitment.
  • ERW is building a solid reputation for stand-out manufacturer marketing.

Client relationships and brand awareness

  • The attendance of ERW-organized events has increased x2.
  • Brand awareness has vastly improved, with LinkedIn audience growth of 301% and Instagram growth of 144% in 1.5 years.
  • The audience composition on social media now reflects ERW’s target audience.
  • Website visits have increased by 54.6%, with a new user increase of 48.4% in 12 months.
  • 34% increase in website visits generated via social media in 12 months.

I believe there is a tremendous challenge in taking on the decision to choose a digital marketing firm that will ultimately understand and represent our company’s culture, actionize a digital marketing strategy, and ultimately represent revenue in digital marketing services.

Dave and the Colibrily team listened and learned about our industry, our values, and our goals.  We have worked together to develop a strategy that continues to gain success and develop support from not just our customer base, but our industry.  If Dave were running for president I would vote for him.

Jay Pachal

Jay Pachal

Principle | ERW Lighting + Controls

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