About the colibrily crew

We are change agents that support mission-based organizations through full service digital marketing...and much more.


The Colibrily Crew was created with a dislike for toxic corporate tactics, culture, and environmental impact.

The Colibrily Crew was designed to be the antithesis of what’s broken in the corporate world while keeping the good bits: organization, professionalism, and accountability for results.



Colibrily Team
why holistic digital marketing


Holistic digital marketing fits into our overall mission nicely: looking at your situation before recommending any strategies means that we are respectful of your budget and want to find the best ways to spend it before we tell you what you should do. Whether you need web design, a logo, social media support, or SEO writing, our process starts with looking at you from the perspective of your field and competitive landscape.

Our ethos

We want our people to come to work motivated and our customers to not feel cheated: that’s why we are a people-first company that creates a healthy work environment for its people and no-games, no-upsells processes for its customers.

A significant part of our mission is increasing the visibility of socially and environmentally responsible companies and helping all our clients take steps toward being more ethical and environmentally conscious.

About Colibrily
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Our mission and impact

The Colibrily Crew is dedicated to promoting sustainable business and initiatives through innovative and effective marketing strategies. We believe in the power of business to drive positive change and are committed to working with clients who share our vision of a more sustainable future.

OUR team

We can be holistic also because the skill sets on our team are varied and keep expanding.

The phrase “It’s quite complicated” doesn’t scare us.

Colibrily Team Forest
davedave silly

Dave Hoch

Founder and CEO

Passions: Community Engagement, Adventures, Animals, 80s NES, and Live Music.

Dave’s a hands-on CEO, partner relationship manager, and an excellent web designer. His experience includes senior management positions at multiple Fortune 100 companies, and his skillset covers anything from web design, to digital marketing strategy elaboration.



director of operations

Passions: Yoga, Dancing, and Foreign Languages.

Dominika handles all aspects of communication, from strategic writing to branding and relationship management. With a background in linguistics and translation, Dominika excels at adapting any content to your target audience, taking into account their culture, motivations, and level of expertise. Dominika loves a good table and always makes sure that projects run smoothly and are delivered on time.

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marketing MANAGER

Passions: Cooking, Running, Drawing, and Pets.

Irene has the finger on the pulse of the latest social media trends and knows how to leverage them for the benefit of your organization. Irene is also an expert content creator with large-project experience at internationally recognized brands and her skillset includes video creation, competitor analysis, email marketing and data analysis.




Passions: Wine, Travel, and Psychology.

Karina has created the visual identity for brands across multiple industries including hospitality, lighting, and fashion. Her skill set includes graphic design, video editing, logo and website design, and more. Her superpower is her ability to make design trends seem timeless and fitting for your brand and industry.

Louteddy silly

Lou Bevan

Senior Content Creator

Passions: Books, cats, mountain hikes, and a good margarita.

Lou draws on ten-plus years of experience as a content writer and copy editor to infuse skill with language and workflow efficiency into any project. With a master's degree in creative and critical writing, she can write for a spectrum of needs and from a multitude of voices. Always curious, she loves to learn about her clients and their goals, and has written for numerous brands, online magazines, major international charities, and NGOs.