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who is colibrily?

Colibrí (koh-lee-bree) or hummingbird in español represents what various cultures in Latin America believe, the hummingbird is a symbol of strength, hope, and migration.

Simply put, we view our business like a hummingbird. We build with intention through holistic web design to give your business strength, hope, and the ability to grow.

what makes us different?

What makes us different? First, we’re not techies, we’re small business owners too. We’ve been through the grind, the ups, the downs, and everything in between. Second, we know how limited your time and resources are. We don’t sell you products you don’t need or want, our goal is to make your business better. Period.

Our integrative approach to web design enables us to look at each interconnecting component of your business for leverage points. We focus on helping you meet your business goals and objectives by focusing on the leverage points for desired change. No gimmicks. No BS. No up-sells. We are here for you.

At our core is the motto “we will take care of it.” We approach each project with the goal of making your life easier. You should be focusing on your business and not wasting precious time on technology issues. That’s where Colibrily comes in. We are enablers. We enable you to develop your craft and passion. Moving forward, efficiently and effectively.

Our Mission

Colibrily’s mission is to offer honest, tailored, and holistic digital marketing services to organizations that are either already making a positive social and environmental impact, or are open to improving their environment and surrounding communities via their products or business strategies.

Responding to the global need for a marketing organization that is driven by clients’ needs and values rather than just profit, we are committed to increasing visibility for our clients via dedicated, seamless support, comparable only to having an internal marketing department. This level of service is extended to all customers, and it will particularly benefit small, mission-motivated businesses, who may otherwise not be able to afford it elsewhere.

Our Vision

Colibrily seeks to be only as corporate as it needs to be to stay recognizable as a business to its corporate clients. Beyond this, Colibrily is a progressive organization built on people-centric and environmentally mindful principles, well-positioned to educate clients on progressive policies. Leading by example, we seek to inspire our clients and partner organizations to evaluate and improve their impact, in the hope of increasing the overall number of businesses with a positive influence on their environment and communities.


Dave Hoch

Dave Hoch

Founder & CEO

Gregariously grounded, whimsically witty, and remarkably resolved.

Ambassador of the new green economy and adventure enthusiast with over 20+ years of experience in leading global cross-functional teams in implementing complex projects using a variety of technologies and methods.


Community Development, Renewable Energy, Facilitation, Software Development, Agile, User Training, E-Commerce, Consulting, Content Management Systems, Sustainability, Coaching, Team Leadership, Social Enterprises, Advocacy.


Community Engagement, Volunteering, Dogs, Cycling, Trail Running, Education, Personal Development, Making People Smile

Dominika Crhlikova

Dominika Crhlikova

Lead Marketing Specialist

An ethically-minded individual, university-qualified as a linguist, teacher and translator. Strong communication skills in several languages, demonstrable experience with copywriting and multi-media content creation. Self-driven, attuned to spotting project opportunities, skilled at establishing and maintaining strategic relationships.


Adapting complex information to the needs of its target audience, with verifiable experience creating effective communication strategies across multiple channels, including social media.

A keen learner who invites new challenges and works well as a part of a team.


Yoga, Dancing, and Foreign Languages. 

Irene Kucher

Irene Kucher

Social Media Manager

Irene has 5+ years of experience in social networks marketing and has worked on more than 80 different projects. She is a hyper-responsible and proactive person. Irene specializes in assessing the needs of the target audience and tracking visual trends. In addition, Irene has deep knowledge of social networks and how it engages the purchasing behavior of buyers.


Creating a brand image in social networks, taking into account the economic environment and market characteristics. Working with bloggers and ad targeting.


Cooking, Running, Drawing, and Pets.

Karina Khudaikulova

Karina Khudaikulova

Lead Graphics Designer

Karina is obsessive over clean design with clear communication. She has worked in a fast-paced growing startup for the last 2 years as Chief of Creatives and is ready to bring her experience to our team. Working out of Dubai, she’s in the melting pot of cultural influence from all corners of the globe where design comes to meet.


Creating marketing communication for brands that influence people to take action. Developing brands’ online presence is Karina’s core specialization.


Wine, Travel, and Psychology.

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