The powers that be at Google have noted that slow mobile websites will rank lower in search engine results. If your site isn’t close to a 3 second load time on mobile, you run the chance of dropping in ranks. We focus on speeding up sites using a proven and effective process to help you rank higher in search results. Higher rankings mean higher click through rates and ultimately, higher leads revenue.

Not only does a slow site rank lower, but it also impacts conversions and a users experience. Business growth can suffer if users are exiting the page before viewing products, content, or ads. This is why having a fast site is critical to the success of your business. 

a 1 second delay can have up to 20% conversion loss.
Performance cannot be afford to be ignored.

Our team uses a variety of tools like GTMetrix, Google Page Insights, and to assess your site speed. Once we complete the audit and identify areas of opportunity, we build a plan to tackle each component that is slowing your site down. We get under the hood of your site and get our technical hands dirty to decrease your page sizes and speed up load times. We have yet to find one site we can’t improve loads time on.

Colibirly enables you to spend more time on growing your business and not worrying about the technical aspects of your website. Let us handle that. 


Want to know how your site is performing?

Colibirly offers FREE site speed audits.

Site speed performance process

Typically, many WordPress sites are bloated with extra plugins, limited caching, and uncompressed images. Our process involves looking at the following areas for opportunities to improve your load times. 

plugin audit

Every WP plugin loads code and that slows down a website. We audit each site looking for known “slow” plugins and build a list of recommended changes with speed and functionality in mind.


Is caching installed and configured on your site? Are you using WP Rocket? We install, configure, and provide the license. Caching is the #1 way to boost speed and improve the user experience. 


Are the pages and static files on your site being served by a Content Delievery Network (CDN)? This is critical for serving up websites from all over the world and distributing content as efficiently as possible. We can procure and configure a CDN for your site. 

image compression

Is your site using Lazy Load and an image CDN? This is a must to improve site speed. Generally, ShortPixel, Imagify, and Optimole are the best and they’re relatively inexpensive for the intro packages.


Who is hosting your website? Not every host is the same, some are much better than others. It’s always good to consider how hosting affects load times as cheaper hosting will slow how quickly pages are served. 


Are there many large videos or images loading on your site? Have they been compressed and optimized? Many times user content is one area that slows a site down. We review your site for red flags that may be slowing load times.


Want to know how your site is performing?

Colibirly offers FREE site speed audits.

case study:

This very page ( has been optimized using our site speed performance process. After initially building out the content of the  page, we focused on reducing the overall total page size and optimizing the overall website. This included proper optimization of images, configuration of caching, reduction in the number of plugins, and implementing a CDN.

As you can see, this page isn’t just bare bones. It has some heavy imagery, graphics and text.

The results?
GTMetrix: 1.7 seconds

Google PageSpeed Insights: 4.3 seconds 1.7 Seconds


Want to know how your site is performing?

Colibirly offers FREE site speed audits.

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