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search engine optimization (SEO)

WHY is seo so important for a business?

SEO will improve a website’s overall searchability and visibility with Google and Bing. Typically, organic search is the primary source of web traffic for blogs and businesses. A site’s search engine ranking leads to credibility, authenticity, and trust with the brand from users. Trust is one of the most important aspects for having high conversions from traffic to purchases. And of course, higher rankings means a higher reach to prospective buyers and leads which ultimately leads to an increase in revenue. 

Not only does a site ranking leads to higher business returns, but it also offers insights and metrics into clients and their habits. You can track every aspect of the user experience and get a better understand of their engagement pinpointing opportunities for improvement and better targeting.

Organic traffic can capture more than 40 percent of your company’s revenue. 

It doesn’t matter how gorgeous or wonderful your website is if prospective clients can’t find it through organic search. That’s where Colibrily can help.

Our SEO process focuses on understanding your sites current SEO performance and building a plan to rank higher. This includes researching and analyzing keywords on-page SEO opportunities. We then incorporate these keyword opportunities into an action plan with the goal of improving search rankings and obtaining higher click through rates.


Want to know how your site is performing in SEO?

Colibirly offers FREE site SEO audits.

our seo process

We start with an SEO audit of your site and build an action plan utilizing our holistic method. We then execute the action plan in coordination with other site goals to target maximum gains. 


SEO Audit

We look at your sites current performance metrics like rankings, including but not limited to speed, schema, header / alt tags and navigation / flow. We also scan for 404s (broken URLs) plus 301 redirects. Google Analytics and Google Search Console to be reviewed for indexing and crawl errors.


SEO Action Plans

We build action plans with the goal of driving more organic traffic to your site. Action plans include target target keywords, site update recommendations, SEO on-page tips, post specific word inclusion recommendations, and competitor analysis. 

seo reporting

Ongoing SEO reporting is the best way to track results and performance metrics. We offer organic keyword results tracking and backlink reporting. 

SEO Opportunities

We research what keywords are ranking today and look for possibilities to rank higher. Tools like SEMRush, Ahrefs, Moz, and Google Trends are used to identify target opportunity areas. We then include these target keywords in the action plan. 

site fixes and content updates

We clean up any site issues like broken links and start review content in order to achieve higher search engine ranking positions. 

backlink building

One of the main factors for ranking higher is getting high quality backlinks. We have a provenand trusted legit method for obtaining excellent and respected backlinks to your website. 


Want to know how your site is performing in SEO?

Colibirly offers FREE site SEO audits.

case study: yachtcharter.com

When Joanna Rizzuti approached Colibrily about wanting a new website for her business we were delighted to help. Joanna explained she had bought the domain yachtcharter.com in 1994 and wanted to capitalize on the domain name. After walking through our holistic site development process, it was clear that though a new website was very much needed, however, it wouldn’t fundamentally change Joanna’s main business goal of generating higher quality leads.

The issue? Yachtcharter.com wasn’t ranking high enough in Google to get much organic traffic or brand exposure. The site needed to move closer to the top three for the main target keywords. 

After running an SEO audit, we pinpointed several keyword opportunities to focus on.

The results?
5 keyword opportunities were identified for increasing traffic, specifically in the San Francisco area.

SEO organic results for case study

A backlinks report showed a lack of quality backlinks:

The SEO Action Plan

After working with Joanna on identify opportunities we built the following plan to achieve target business objectives.

  1. Fix any broken links (404) errors on the site.
  2. Review all Meta Titles and Descriptions on pages.
  3. Update specific pages and posts to include semantic search keyword terms and outbound links.
  4. Review keyword density of target pages and number of words in each article while comparing top ranking pages for target keywords.
  5. Start backlink building to specific pages and posts.
  6. Review results periodically to track progress.

Want to know how your site is performing in SEO?

Colibirly offers FREE site SEO audits.

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