The Colibrily Crew Manifesto

Redefining Work, Reshaping the World

We are the Colibrily Crew and believe in creating an environment that transcends traditional corporate cultures. We strive to cultivate a workplace where innovation, respect, and balance are not just ideals but daily practices.

Here’s what drives us:

1. Embracing Harmony, Avoiding Drama
We prioritize a drama-free environment where energy is focused on positive outcomes and constructive solutions.

2. Balance is Non-Negotiable
We champion a balanced lifestyle, advocating for a 32 to 35-hour workweek coupled with unlimited paid time off, ensuring our team can thrive both in and out of work.

3. Health is Wealth: Mind and Body
Access to comprehensive healthcare is a right, not a privilege. We are committed to supporting our team’s health and well-being at every level, encompassing both physical and mental health.

Our approach includes proactive support for mental wellness, ensuring every team member has the resources and care they need to thrive holistically.

4. Economic Empowerment
We guarantee family living wages that keep pace with inflation, empowering our employees to build secure and prosperous lives.

5. Continuous Growth through Kaizen
Our commitment to ongoing education and skills development ensures that everyone is equipped to meet tomorrow’s challenges today.

6. Mission-Driven Partnerships
We collaborate exclusively with clients who are dedicated to bettering the world. We avoid industries that conflict with our values, like oil and fossil fuels.

7. Being More Than Service Providers
We are ambassadors for our clients, engaging with them as partners in a shared mission to achieve exceptional results.

8. Valuing Unconventional Talent
Diversity in hiring enriches our company. We invest in human capital, recognizing the unique strengths brought by unconventional paths and backgrounds.

9. Cultivating Positivity
We bring positivity to our interactions and discourage excessive negativity to maintain a supportive and uplifting work environment.

10. Recognizing Unique Strengths
We see neurodiversity and diverse past experiences as special powers that enhance our collective capability and perspective.

11. Equality and Inclusivity
Discrimination has no place here. We are committed to fairness and equality at all levels of our operations.

12. Shattering the Glass Ceiling
We are dedicated to destroying the glass ceiling and providing equal opportunities for advancement to all.

13. Fostering Respectful Communication
Every voice matters. We engage in respectful and constructive communication, valuing every contribution.

14. Prioritizing the Personal
Personal development and well-being are paramount and can enhance professional growth.

15. Ethical Action Above All
We are always committed to doing the right thing, even when it’s the more challenging path.

16. Commitment to Change
Our ultimate goal? Break the chains of unfettered capitalism while making the world a better place. We’re here to make a difference, challenge the status quo, and leave a positive mark on the planet.

17. Embracing Failure as Progress
Fail fast, fail often. We embrace failure as an essential part of learning and innovation. It’s not about the setbacks but how quickly we can learn from them and pivot towards success.