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Local search engine optimization (SEO)

wHY is local seo important for a business?

Local SEO is an absolute must for any physical store. The trend is like any new feature by Google, it’s here to stay and will continue to become bigger each year as Google continues to improve their information presentation layer. In short, think of Local SEO as any search term + “near me.” For example, Coffee near me or Donuts near me. When you search for “near me” Google presents businesses in proximity of your location based on your geo-location and websites it has previously crawled. You are presented with nearby options of businesses and their respective details and consumer reviews. This is a massive opportunity for local businesses to be within the first 3 results on Google search results. 86% of people look up the location of a business on Google Maps. That means for a brick and mortar business, you really need to be in the top three of search results.

Building a Local SEO strategy will target your business to show up in the top three of Google search results. There are heaps of statistics that show high click through rates and high ROIs when investing in a Local SEO strategy. Colibrily offers Local SEO strategy planning, building, and reporting for businesses.

Google My Business

It all starts with having a comprehensive and high quality Google My Businessaccount. This means high res images, creating Q&As, confirming correct business name, address, website URL, and other details. Our process includes maximizing the potential of Google My Business for your business.


Local SEO doesn’t stop with a Google My Business account. Citations are the name of the game for making sure your business is listed in as many “directories” as possible. Citations vary by industry and location. You can see the top citations by city using the WhiteSpark.ca “Best Citation List” tool. We have a process for updating citations and making sure your business is consistent across all director channels relevant to your industry or niche.

Schema Data

Not only does Google use their Google My Business and reference other citation sites for local results, but they also scan your website for Schema Data to include in their search results. Think of Schema Data as code that tells Google very specific details about your business like hours of operation, location, etc. This Schema Data is used in a variety of ways online. For example, Facebook uses Schema Data to specify a post Title and Description. Having proper Schema Data is essential if you’re a business and wanting to offer more robust results in Google and Bing. Colibrily can ensure your Schema Data is properly displaying for your type of business.

72% of consumers who perform a local search visit a store within 5 miles of their current location.
61% of mobile searchers are more likely to contact a local business if they have a mobile-friendly site.

It doesn’t matter how gorgeous or wonderful your website is if local consumers can’t find you using Google and Bing. That’s where Colibrily can help.

Our Local SEO process focuses on understanding your sites current Local SEO performance and building a plan to rank higher. This includes researching and analyzing keywords best for Local SEO opportunities, improving your Google My Business account information, and building your list of citations


Want to know how your site is performing in Local SEO?

Colibirly offers FREE site Local SEO audits.

our Local seo process

We start with a Local SEO audit of your site and build an action plan utilizing our holistic method. We then execute the action plan in coordination with other site goals to target maximum gains. 


Local SEO Audit

We look at your current Local SEO rankings, citations, and details on Google My Business. We also review if current citations are being utilized properly for your business industry.  


SEO Action Plans

We build action plans to execute upon based on Local SEO audits. The goal is to drive more local organic traffic based on target keywords by geolocation.

Local seo reporting

Ongoing Local SEO reporting is the best way to track results and performance metrics. We offer organic keyword results tracking and citation reporting.

Local SEO Opportunities

We research what keywords are ranking today and look for possibilities to rank higher. Tools like SEMRush, Ahrefs, Moz, WhiteSpark and Google Trends are used to identify target opportunity areas for Local SEO.

Google My Business Updates

We update your Google My Business account by cleaning up any incorrect business details (like the wrong phone number) and adding relevant content like high-res images, Q&A, business details, category, and etc.  

Citation building

One of the main factors for ranking higher in local SEO is having high quality and accurate citations of your business. We have a proven and trusted method for obtaining excellent and respected citations to your website.


Want to know how your site is performing in Local SEO?

Colibirly offers FREE site Local SEO audits.

case study: Hoffmaster’s Marina Inc

When Joe Hoffmaster of Hoffmaster’s Marina approached Colibrily wanting to improve their Local SEO ranking, we were delighted to assist. Joe explained he had been in business since 1954 and local competitors were ranking higher then them on Google. He wanted to capitalize on the great reputation of the business as being family owned and operated. After walking through our holistic site development process, it was clear that Local SEO was an afterthought in their digital presence.

After running a Local SEO audit, we pinpointed several keyword opportunities to focus on and built an action plan for the project.

The Local SEO Action Plan included:

  1. Updating the Google My Business page. Hoffmaster’s had a limited Google My Business presence and wasn’t ranking high enough in Google to get much organic traffic.
  2. Updating citations in top sites like Yelp, Yellowpages.com, etc. Specifically in the Northern Virginia region
  3. Developing ongoing reporting to monitor results and look for other opportunities.

The results

Initially Hoffmaster’s was not ranking in the top 10 for “Boats in Woodbridge, VA.” After implementing our action plan, Hoffmaster’s ranked #2. 

An example from the Yelp citation:

Yelp results for Hoffmaster's Marina


Want to know how your site is performing in Local SEO?

Colibirly offers FREE site Local SEO audits.

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