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WHY is email marketing important?

Email marketing is one of the best tools for engaging and marketing to your clients. There is nothing more valuable than an email address. Period. Each email address represents a person that has opted-in to receive your content. This is your tribe, your people.

By far email is the #1 method for communicating to your tribe. Everyone checks their email on a daily basis, so why not reach out to your audience? You own the content, the branding, and the messaging. Unlike search traffic or advertising, your email subscribers have explicitly consented to receive promotional and marketing material from you. In addition, email converts better than any other form of communication by far. And it has the highest ROI at nearly 4400% according to Optinmonster. Investing in email marketing is a no brainer. 

Email marketing has an ROI of 4400%. (optinmonster.com)

It doesn’t matter how gorgeous or wonderful your website is if clients are not being marketed properly through email. Email marketing is much bigger than just having a MailChimp account and getting subscribers on your website. That’s where Colibrily can help. We work with you to jointly create an email marketing campaign strategy that will resonate with your audience. Whether it is a “welcome” series, newsletter, or specific email campaign, we can help you deliver the best content to your audience. Our proven strategy building process ensures you get the most bang for your buck. 

Colibrily email marketing strategy process

Email Acquisition

It all starts with getting users to sign up to join your subscriber list. Sounds easy right? It is, if done properly. It is a common mistake with small businesses to think that having an opt-in form equals new email sign-ups. Opt-in rates are typically low because there is little value being offered to clients. Colibrily can help you develop a value-added product or offering for new sign-ups. This is step 1 of our email marketing process strategy.

Email Marketing Services

There are countless paid-for email marketing service companies that will gladly take your money. Everyone knows MailChimp, but are they the best? They sure do have a great marketing budget! The answer is it depends on the stage of your business. We tend to recommend using smaller email marketing service companies that offer more features at a lower cost. In Step 2 of our email marketing process strategy, we help you choose the right email marketing service company.

Marketing Messages

Marketed emails start with three numbers: open rate, click through rate, and unsubscribe rate. If your campaign numbers are off, we can help. One area often overlooked is the automated “welcome” message a follower receives when they sign-up for your subscriber list. Step 3 of our email marketing process strategy is build a proper autoresponder “welcome” email filled with relevant content to user when they subscribe. “Welcome” emails are the best place to offer initial value to clients and give them the chance to trust your brand. We turn followers into customers through targeted and curated content in automated emails.

Message Sequence and Automation

A proper email marketing campaign will have a series of targeted emails queued up that are automated. Each email will be sent based on a prebuilt workflow designed to maximize user engagement and desired results. Step 4 of our email marketing process strategy builds a powerful and dynamic automated process for your email campaigns and management.


Often overlooked in email marketing is reporting the metrics of email campaigns like A/B testing, open rates, click through rates, and unsubscribe numbers. Step 5 of the email marketing process strategy is building automated reporting. This enables you to tweak your overall communication for maximize efficiency and revenue earning.


Want to discuss email marketing?

Colibirly offers FREE email marketing audits.

our email marketing services

We start with an email marketing audit of your campaigns/site and build an action plan utilizing our holistic method. We then execute the action plan in coordination with other site goals to target maximum gains. 

email acquisition

We look at your sites current performance of email acquisition for list building. This includes reviewing the value proposition being offered to readers, the placement of opt-in forms, and the opportunities to improve sign-ups.


Marketing Messages

Understanding the high value content of your business can lead to higher sales and revenue. We can help you craft engaging messages for your followers that will lead to higher open and click through rates.

Email Marketing Reporting

Ongoing email marketing reporting is the best way to track results and performance metrics. We offer comprehensive tracking and email reporting.

Email Marketing Services

We review what email marketing service company you’re using today and look for opportunities to leverage maximum functionality with cost.



We utilize workflow processes to automate email campaigns. Each workflow is built up on the email marketing strategy with the intention of maximizing user experience and revenue generation.

Email ideation

One of the hardest components of email marketing is writing clever and ingenious marketing messages to increase customer engagement. We can help you reach your clients through improved and unique messaging.


Want to discuss email marketing?

Colibirly offers FREE email marketing audits.

case study: LongHaultrekkers.com

Longhaultrekkers.com is a lifestyle blog dedicated to adventuring and travel with dogs. When we started working with Longhaultrekkers.com, it was clear they were missing a huge opportunity to engage their tribe of followers through email marketing. Subscriber opt-in rates were very low. And targeted email campaigns were sporadic with low click through rates.

After running an email marketing audit, we pinpointed several opportunities to focus on and built an action plan.

The Email Marketing Action Plan included:

  1. Increase email acquisition rates by improving opt-in forms.
  2. Offer value added artifacts to prospective clients like a downloadable checklist and a “best of” series.
  3. Craft a unique and targeted “welcome” email.
  4. Automate the on-boarding process for new sign-ups utilizing MailerLite.
  5. Build a workflow that automatically sends follow up emails to readers based on their clicks and interests.
  6. Develop ongoing reporting to monitor results and look for areas to improve.

The results

Initially LongHaulTrekkers.com had the following numbers:

  • 700+ subscribers
  • Open rate of 18%
  • Click through rate of 5%

6 months after implementing the email marketing action plan, LongHaulTrekkers.com had the following:

  • 1,600 subscribers
  • Open rate of 28.83%
  • Click through rate of 7.43%

In addition, nearly 9 months after overhauling the email marketing campaigns, over 6,000 automated emails were sent as part of the “Welcome” series and target affiliate sales had grown over 200%. This part was the newly implemented email marketing strategy was all automated through workflows. There was no time suck trying to send out thousands of emails.

The newly crafted and engaging “Welcome” email:

New welcome email for longhaultrekkers.com

The “Welcome” email included a healthy amount of relevant top articles that contain targeted affiliate links in them:


The stats behind the “Welcome” email had grown massively compared to the previous email marketing strategy.

email stats for LHT

The workflow was designed to maximize audience interests and sent out emails through a targeted campaign.

 workflow for LHT case study

Each workflow email had a different target focus and were resent later if not opened with A/B testing email subjects.



Want to discuss email marketing?

Colibirly offers FREE email marketing audits.

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